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Preparing Your Skin For The Chilly Season

Preparing Your Skin For The Chilly Season

Wintertime seems to be an especially harsh time for our skin. Cold weather, whipping wind, and dry air are the realities of winter and these can wreak havoc on your skin. Thankfully, there are simple preventative measures you can work into your daily routine to help dodge two of the biggest wintertime skin woes: sun damage and lack of moisture. Visiting us at the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey can help you generate a plan of attack against wintertime damage before it becomes an issue.

Sun Damage

Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate even the cloudiest of wintertime skies exposing your skin each time you are outside without protection. This is especially true in areas with large amounts of snow that reflect these UV rays into the air, increasing our exposure. Keeping your skin protected in the wintertime by applying sunscreen is just as important as it is in the summertime. Applying sunscreen as part of your morning routine can help make this a daily habit. Covering up on bright days can also help reduce exposure with the use of a hat, sunglasses, SPF lip balm, and gloves to help protect the delicate skin on your hands.

Lack of Moisture

Wintertime dehydrates our skin in various ways. Water consumption typically decreases in the winter as a tall, cold glass of water is not as appealing as it can be in the summer. Additionally, the cold, dry air does a number on zapping moisture out of exposed skin. Combating dry skin starts in the shower with lower temperatures. Think warm, not hot. Applying a good moisturizer as soon as you exit. This can help set you up for staying hydrated throughout the day. Increased hand washing during cold and flu season can also expose skin to harsh soaps and hot water, so keeping a good hand cream available to use following washing is essential for keeping hands happy in the winter. Increasing water consumption in the winter with warm teas and hot water with lemon can help with hydration from the inside, too, which is just as important as moisturizing from the outside.

If wintertime skin has you down and symptoms are impacting your life, consider a visit to the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey where the team can evaluate the issue and recommend a treatment like the Obagi Nu-Derm System to soothe and restore problem areas. As we approach November, we can expect the chilly winter before we know it. Be prepared for the harsh winter conditions so your skin doesn't need to experience the consequences.