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Can Sugar Cause Aging?

Can Sugar Cause Aging?

The skin is a reflection of what we eat. Eating right gives your skin an appealing look and keeps it healthy. Consuming too much sugar is a deteriorative practice that negatively impacts the health of the skin. A diet rich in sugars is known to accelerate the ageing process.

When you consume excess sugar than your cells can process, it triggers a process known as glycation. The excess sugar in the bloodstream binds with proteins forming advanced glycation end products (AGES). AGES is a toxic compound that damages the skin collagen resulting in wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, dehydrated skin, skin discoloration and sagging. Besides that, foods rich in sugar activate hormones that secrete oil, giving off oily skin. Excess oil on the skin results in clogged pores and acne breakouts.

During the holidays, many people unknowingly consume too much sugar. With holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, it is necessary to be mindful of sugar intake to safeguard your health.

Below are tips to help manage sugar consumption:

• Avoid consuming foods loaded with processed sugars.

• Substitute artificial sugars for natural sugars such as honey.

• Drink plenty of water and avoid fizzy drinks and energy drinks.

• Have desserts rich in natural foods like a fruit with yogurt in it instead of foods packed with sugars.

• Consume a diet rich in vegetables and fruits as they are full of natural healthy sugars. Eating foods rich in healthy fats like avocados, seeds, and nuts help to fight glycation.

Miami Beauty Clinic offers medical skin care and aesthetic procedures using advanced technology and well-trained professionals. We offer anti-aging treatments that address your specific concern such as:

• Facial treatments like Skin Microneedling and Purigenex Collagen Therapy boost collagen integrity giving a youthful look.

• Fillers such as Restylane provide fullness to a skin that has lost elasticity.

• Laser treatments that reduce fine lines and eliminate spots. PhotoFacial treatments yield outstanding results for wrinkle treatment.

• Skin Tightening ReFirm activates metabolic processes, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin removing wrinkles.

With the holidays quickly approaching it is expected to that you will be consuming loads of delicious food. Although pies, chocolate, and other desserts may be tempting, try to consume these foods in moderation for the health of your skin.