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Common Winter Skin Problems & Their Best Solutions

Common Winter Skin Problems & Their Best Solutions

The long and often harsh winters can spoil even the clearest, softest complexions out there. Cold weather can create annoying, winter skin issues, but don't worry, our experts at the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey have some ready solutions for you.

Winter Rash

Dry, red, flaky, itchy skin is uncomfortable, and "winter rash" can happen to anyone, especially on the face and hands. If your skin begins to crack in places, this, too, can feel sore. To alleviate "winter rash," we recommend always putting on gloves when going outside and applying an intensely hydrating moisturizer on the face, such as one from the SkinCeuticals offered at the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey. Also, it is recommended to wear gloves to wash dishes, and avoid very hot showers in order to minimize drying out your skin. 

Dry Patches

Your face can also develop red, dry patches that seem resistant to healing. Avoid harsh soaps and alcohol-based cleansers because your complexion is already in a delicate state from the wind and dry, chilly air. Your skin's protective oils are decreasing, and this is making your skin feel tight, dry and coarse. One of the best treatment options for dry skin is the HydraFacial in New Jersey, at the Medical Aesthetic Center. This incredible 3-step procedure is made to balance and soothe the complexion. Your skin will glow, feel smooth and look flawless after this treatment. 


If you don't believe you need SPF during the winter season, think again. Sunburn and windburn are two, very real conditions that arise when you're outdoors taking a walk, skiing down a windy slope, or doing any sort of outdoor activity. The sun's rays are always powerful even when the temperatures drop. Arm yourself with exceptional SPF. At the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey, we offer skincare products from SkinCeuticals and Obagi, both offering options with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. These elegant formulas also protect against windburn.

Freckles/Brown Spots

Summer's damage seems to come to life during wintertime, and you may notice freckles/brown spots and age spots on your face, chest and hands. We can suggest effective topical treatments, chemical peels or light therapy procedures to zap these pesky spots away.

Don't let the winter blues get you down. Refresh your complexion! Schedule an appointment with us today at the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey.